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We are Farawayistan, a Dutch couple exploring the world by bicycle. One half of the couple is Robin, an amateur cyclist with wanderlust. This however, will be the first time he combines these two passions. Sabina makes up the other half. She went in completely in blank. What she lacks in experience, she makes up for in ambition and a thirst for adventure. The idea for a big trip originated early 2018. As the months passed, the idea steadily developed into a plan: discovering foreign places by bicycle.


We’ll travel countries far, far away. Dutch and Swedish readers (the countries where we are born) will probably recognise the name as Verweggistan or Långtbortistan. The suffix -stan is Persian for place or country.

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On this website we will document our journey. The place where our passion for travel, photography and writing come together. For our loved ones, but also to inspire you.

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