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  • Flying because of COVID-19

    COVID-19 UPDATE (how to keep a calm mind)

    This is how we dealt with the COVID-19 crisis on our long term biketouring journey. Meditation helped us keep calm and make wise decisions.

  • Man sitting at the Gokarna market

    Railing away from Mumbai to South India

    A bustling cosmopolitan with food to die for. Pristine beaches and calm and tranquil backwaters. The city of Mumbai and the Southern Indian states surprised us in so many ways. This should be your next holiday destination.

  • India: Chaos and five bicycles stuck in the middle

    India is not the first country that comes to mind on a bicycle tour around the world. But we were drawn to the culture, the cuisine and the warm climate. We were looking forward to all the chaos, which somehow always seems to work out exactly how it was supposed to. We’re just not sure if our ears were ready for all that honking.