• Desert with capped mountains between Bam and Bandar Abbas

    Iran part IV – Bam & Bandar, driving south

    We drive further down south, towards the warmth of the Persian gulf. For the third time we pass Kerman, this time on our way to mister Akhbar in Bam. But after only ten minutes on the road we are stopped by the police. The officer didn’t speak English and our Farsi isn’t so good either. We’re guessing we were speeding and hand over Robin’s drivers licence. After some gesturing and writing out a fine for us, the police men lets us continue our journey. Later we find out is is indeed a speeding ticket, and we should’ve gone to the bank to pay the 600.000 Rials. Sounds like a lot…

  • Iran

    Iran part III – Kaluts in cold Kerman

    We drive deeper into Iran and cross more deserts and Martian like landscapes. A typical travelers breakfast in hostels and guesthouses in Iran consist of flat white bread (in many different forms!), cucmber and tomatoe, white cheese and some carrot jam. When you’re lucky, sometimes a boiled egg. Not quite a solid base for a +7 hour drive, but we have some snacks (biscuits, salt & vinegar chips and fruit) for on the way.   Driving on Friday Traffic is less hectic today since it’s Friday, which can be compared to our Sunday. We drive through the desert, and despite what you might expect, the scenery never gets boring. We drive…

  • Iranian made Peugeot Pars

    Iran part II – To Esfahan in a Peugeot Pars

    After sightseeing in Tehran we hit the road. First on our route is Esfahan. We decided to rent our own car, to drive all the way to the South of Iran. We’ve read that the roads are fine, plus it spares us a lot of time in the short two weeks that we have. No waiting for busses, figuring out how to get to the busstop, buying tickets and we can drive and stop for pictures whenever we want.  We pay about 19 euro’s per day, and 110 euro’s extra, for returning the car in Bandar Abbas. Our badass Peugeot Pars, maybe isn’t the Paykan Robin dreamed of, but it…

  • Mural painting of Ayatollah Khomeini at the American embassy in Tehran

    Iran part I – Amsterdam to Tehran

    In December 2018 we traveled to Iran. This is how we got there. It is almost hard to believe that we actually have just woken up in Amsterdam. Due to bad weather and extreme thick fog, half of the flights to Schiphol were cancelled. And that’s exactly where we are flying from today, to Teheran via Istanbul. Luckily ours wasn’t cancelled, it was even in time! What lucky bastards we are. Being too cheap to spend way too much money on hotel breakfast, we take the shuttle bus (also free of course) to the airport and buy some food at Albert Heijn instead. Our last breakfast that isn’t bread, tomatoes…