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  • Beautiful colored trees reflecting in Kolsai Lake near Almaty, Kazakhstan

    Kazakhstan greatest country in the world

    Our first impression from Kazakhstan wasn’t the greatest. The Almaty Region completely made up for that. Together with Sabina’s parents we enjoyed all of Almaty’s luxuries and discovered the regions unique canyons and lakes.

  • Sabina's first kilometers in Kyrgyzstan

    A hitchhikers guide to Kyrgyzstan (on a bike)

    Sometimes you visit a city or a country and you just know you will be back one day. Kyrgyzstan was like that for us. We had seen and heard amazing stories of people bikepacking this rugged country. We had just missed the boat this year. It was October, so too late in the year to…

  • Crossing the Caspian to Kazakhstan

    Our journey east continues. This time not on two wheels, but across sea and over train tracks. From Baku, Azerbaijan we set sail towards Kuryk, Kazakhstan. A place we would never have expected to find ourselves.

  • Sabina cycling in the desert in Kazakhstan to Aktau

    Crossing the Caspian to Kazakhstan – The gallery

    The Caspian and Kazakhstan