• Sabina's first kilometers in Kyrgyzstan
    Kazakhstan,  Kyrgyzstan

    A hitchhikers guide to Kyrgyzstan (on a bike)

    Sometimes you visit a city or a country and you just know you will be back one day. Kyrgyzstan was like that for us. We had seen and heard amazing stories of people bikepacking this rugged country. We had just missed the boat this year. It was October, so too late in the year to ride here. A lot of passes were already closed, and our gear isn’t really made for winter camping. Nor are we. Also Sabina’s parents were visiting us soon in Almaty, Kazakhstan so we only had two weeks to cross the entire country. 

  • Descending from the Ak-Baital pass in Tajikistan
    Kyrgyzstan,  Tajikistan

    The Pamir Highway – Part IV

    Our third week on the Pamir Highway led us through the famous Wakhan corridor. A historical, remote and beautiful region, with only a river separating Tajikistan from Afghanistan. We passed old ruins, military bases and wheat fields, and everyone we met greeted us with a smile and a heartfelt invitation for chai.