• Nepal

    Cycling the Annapurna Circuit Trek

    The Annapurna Circuit Trek is one of the world’s most beautiful high altitude hiking trails. It winds through some of the world's tallest mountains in the breathtaking Himalaya's. We cycled over dirt roads, climbed along steep cliffs and pushed our bikes over the snow covered Thorung La pass, the highest hiking pass in the world.

  • Ross of Ugly Armadillo descending from Tansen to Pokhara in Nepal

    Nepali tigers and more dangerous drivers

    Nepal is a land of discovery with rich ancient cultures and eight of the ten highest mountains in the world. But we were not the first to discover this poor and simultaneously wealthy country. Tourism is the largest industry, pumping big bucks in the economy, but bicycle tourists are still quite rare.  Immediately as we had crossed the Indian-Nepali border we could notice a big difference. The constant honking wasn’t as apparent anymore. The road however, had taken a turn for the worse. There was no safe shoulder for us to cycle on anymore and cars were taking each other over like maniacs. Missing small children and entire family’s on…