• Sabina cycling in the forests in Sweden
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    Where are they now? – Part II

    We were wondering what everyone is doing nowadays, and figured other people might have the same question. That’s why we decided to put together a ‘where are they now’ (you can read ours here). We would love to read your story. Here are some of the stories we've collected so far, but stay tuned for many more to follow!     Venga.vamos You might know Silvan better as venga.vamos. He left his home in Germany in februari 2018 to travel the world by bicycle. Can you imagine traveling around for that long, what a dream!  Silvan was cycling in Brazil together with Isaura when the pandemic hit Europe. He decided to not…

  • Robin at an abandoned airport in Bali
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    Where are they now?

    We were wondering what everyone is doing nowadays, and figured other people might have the same question. That’s why we decided to put together a ‘where are they now’. We would love to read your story. Here's our story for now, but stay tuned for many more to follow!   Where was Farawayistan (Robin and Sabina) when shit hit the fan We were in India when we realised this situation wasn’t going to get any better soon.    What we did That was definitely not a place we wanted to get stuck so we decided to bail to Bali. Sabinas family was planning to visit there and it seemed like…

  • The broken gear list
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    The broken gear list

    If you ain’t got much, you make sure that what you’ve got matters. We put a lot of thought in what items we brought on our bicycle tour and these are the ones that unfortunately didn’t completely survive. Here’s the full list of stuff that (we) broke.

  • The bikepacking and bike touring camping gear of Farawayistan
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    A look at our camping gear

    In this round of ‘A look at our gear’ we’ll guide you through our camping gear. Sheltering and bedding form an importants basis of our complete gear list. The right equipment to shelter from heavy, nightly rain showers and being tucked away warm in a sleeping can enhance the fun of your backcountry adventure. Here’s a look at our camping gear.

  • Best bikepacking movies part two
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    Awesome bikepacking video’s Part II

    Still stuck in lockdown? And already watched all films on our first collection of bikepacking videos? Then you're in for a treat. At popular request here's Awesome bikepacking video's Part II! Bikepacking the Mongolian Steppe By Jay Bird Films There’s something special about the Jay Bird films. The vibe and pace are just awesome. It's all about exploring and having a nice time on and off the bikes. They don't only make great movies, they make bikepacking bags too! We'd love to get our hands on these Bags by Bird. Because we're a big fanboy and -girl; here's the extended (39 minute!) version of Bikepacking the Mongolian Steppe.

  • Overview of our bikepacking tool kit
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    A look at our tool kit

    A well-thought tool kit can be a true life saver. Figuring out what the necessary tools are can be a difficult task. So here’s a detailed overview of the tools that will help solve most of your issues on the fly during your around the world cycling trip or bikepacking adventure in the backcountry. 

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    A day in the life of a bicycle tourer

    You may wonder what an average day on the road looks like, when you’re on a long trip like ours. It depends a lot on the country you’re in of course, the circumstances vary. But typically a day in the life of a bicycle tourer goes something like this. 05:30 AM - Time to wake up I wake up from the cries of my stomach. ‘Feed me, feed me’ it yells. Robin isn’t an early riser like myself, so I give him a few nudges to wake up too. He growls a little too and turns around to get a few more minutes of sleep. Before I open the zipper…

  • Our home on Bali
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    COVID-19 UPDATE (we found a home on Bali)

    Self-isolate. That’s the new way of life these days. In our last COVID-19 update we told you how we fled from India. Our next move was finding a safe place in case of an outbreak, which according to some is just a matter of time. We are happy to say that we found a home to stay safe on Bali  This is how we are planning to keep safe. Can you imagine roaming free, cycling wherever you want. Doing everything in your own pace with no-one telling you what to do? Sounds like a dream right? Well, we were living it. This pretty much was our life for the last eight…