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Freedom is true wealth. And for us, being free, means not being tied to beliefs of how a life is supposed to be spent. Truly being free, means that you can roam the world if you wish too. You don’t need to win the lottery to do so, anyone can.

We stopped caring about stuff, and started caring of our common goal. And after a year of patiently preparing and saving, we will pack our bikes and go.

Off course we aren’t so naive, that we don’t know the right equipment is key. Especially with the endurance we plan to face. Our savings and the profits from selling our belongings, will get us quite far for everything we need. However, the more funds we save, the longer we can be on the road.

And this is where your company might come in the picture. We plan to document our journey on our website and social media. Not only to inform our friends and family of our adventure. Also to inspire other aspiring travellers.

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