Best bikepacking movies part two

Bikepacking videos – Part II

    Still stuck in lockdown? And already watched all films on our first collection of bikepacking videos? Then you’re in for a treat.

    At popular request here’s Awesome bikepacking video’s Part II!

    Bikepacking the Mongolian Steppe

    By Jay Bird Films

    There’s something special about the Jay Bird films. The vibe and pace are just awesome. It’s all about exploring and having a nice time on and off the bikes. They don’t only make great films, they make bikepacking bags too! We’d love to get our hands on these Bags by Bird.

    Because we’re a big fanboy and -girl; here’s the extended (39 minute!) version of Bikepacking the Mongolian Steppe.


    By Joey Schusler

    The Peruvian Cordillera Huayhuash is one of the most remote mountain ranges in the world. It’s rainy season and the circumstances at this altitude are unforgiving. “It’s like pushing a wheelbarrow up a staircase, while breathing through a drinking straw”. Disaster strikes with a bad crash and they run into some shooting Morochucos. This adventure is truly beyond.

    Melons, trucks, angry dogs


    Recep Yeşil and Erik Nohlin take us along the mighty Transcontinental Race in four episodes. Halfway through the race the riders’ perspective changes. There’s no room for rushing any more, they just want to cruise across Europe. It turns into a wild and inspirational journey in so many unexpected ways. Thanks for the tip Ana!

    I Just Want To Ride – Lael Wilcox and the 2019 Tour Divide

    By Rugile Kaladyte

    There’s no question about it. Lael Wilcox is the world’s best ultra-endurance bicycle racer. Did you know that in a race she doesn’t even filter her water to save time? Even when there’s cow shit or horse shit nearby. “I’ve done it before and been fine. I do it for every race. Filtering water is just too time consuming. It’s a risk, but there are a lot of risks we’re taking out here. It’s just one of them.”

    But it isn’t just about beating a record or finishing first. The equally talented Rugile Kaladyte beautifully captures how Lael just wants to ride.


    Our First Time Bikepacking

    By Mahalo My Dude

    If you don’t know the awesome video’s of Mahalo My Dude yet, get in for hours and hours of YouTube. This is their hilarious first take on bikepacking. They headed to the beautiful Sunshine Coast of British Columbia for four days and 95km filled with bikes, beers and some pretty sick trails.

    Admissions of an Amateur Bikepacker

    By Johnson Studios

    How hard could it be?? Ben Johnson thought when he came up with the idea of bikepacking and self-filming a solo adventure in the Andes of Peru. He had zero bikepacking experience.

    We can totally relate, because this is exactly what we thought when we started our bike tour on one of the most difficult bikepacking routes out there. With a full touring set-up that is. Like us Ben found out how hard it can be. But also just how beautiful and rewarding.

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