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The joy of credit card bikepacking – Bikepacking in Tuscany

    Traditional bike touring across continents, long expeditions through woodlands and high mountains, and even ultra racing with minimal bike weight—bikepacking has taken us on numerous adventures in recent years. However, there was one style of bikepacking that we had yet to try: credit card bikepacking.

    Driven by a desire for the same sense of joy, we embarked on a credit card bikepacking adventure. Packed with nothing more than one pair of off-bike clothing, essential toiletries, and an insatiable hunger for adventure. Our journey took us on a 600-km loop around the enchanting rolling hills, vineyards, and picturesque white roads of Tuscany. Now, you might be wondering, did we find the same sense of adventure while credit card bikepacking?

    Credit Card Bikepacking Tuscany Gravel San Gimignano Farawayistan
    Credit Card Bikepacking Strade Bianche Farawayistan Tuscany San Gimignano

    Credit card bikepacking

    Credit card bikepacking, at its core, involves carrying only the essential items on your bike and relying on transactions at hotels, restaurants, and cafes for provisions. While traditional bikepacking requires self-sufficiency, credit card bikepacking allows for more convenience. Like visiting local establishments for repairs, medical needs, and sustenance.

    Credit Card Bikepacking Tuscany Hotel Agriturismo Farawayistan

    Bikepacking in Tuscany

    Tuscany proved to be the perfect backdrop for our credit card bikepacking adventure. It offers a harmonious blend of natural beauty, cultural wealth, and delectable culinary experiences. We had pre-booked hotels and agriturismo accommodations, spaced approximately 75 km apart. Along our route, we encountered villages every 30 kilometers, providing the modern conveniences we needed. As we pedaled through the undulating hills of Tuscany, the winding white roads of Strade Bianche unveiled breathtaking vistas at every turn.

    Credit Card Bikepacking Tuscany Gravel Strade Bianche Farawayistan

    Undoubtedly, the highlight of our trip was the local cuisine. Instead of settling for our typical freeze-dried meals, we indulged in fresh pasta, roasted meats, tasty bruschetta, heavenly tiramisu, delightful gelato, and strong espressos. We even had the privilege of dining at a Michelin-starred restaurant in Siena and savoring a burger from the food truck of the renowned chef, Dario Cecchini, as featured on Netflix.

    Italian hospitality embraced us with warmth, and the locals exuded a remarkable sense of humor and pride. Although ordering a cappuccino after 12 o’clock raised some eyebrows, the coffee was still served with a genuine smile. We learned valuable insights into Italian dining etiquette. Such as not requesting starters and main courses simultaneously or pairing sweet iced tea with savory pizza. The waiters kindly shared these cultural nuances with us.

    Credit Card Bikepacking Tuscany Gravel Strade Bianche Farawayistan
    Credit Card Bikepacking Tuscany Coffee Gravel Strade Farawayistan
    Credit Card Bikepacking Tuscany Food Gravel Strade Farawayistan

    How to pack for bikepacking

    Packing for credit card bikepacking necessitated a different approach compared to our previous adventures. The clear advantage was the ability to travel lighter, so we carefully curated our off-bike items. Our clothing selection was tailored to accommodate various activities while remaining lightweight and easily packable. Toiletries were streamlined to minimize weight and space.

    Farawayistan Credit Card Bikepacking Tuscany Gravel Strade Bianche

    To our surprise, all the clothing and accessories required for our 10-day biking journey fit into a single saddle bag each. Our packing list included two bib shorts, two cycling jerseys, off-bike pants, off-bike shorts, two sets of underwear, a t-shirt, a rain jacket, a windproof jacket, two pairs of socks, swimwear, and a cap. Additionally, Robin carried an extra 7-liter handlebar bag to hold toiletries, tools, and a few electronics. In hindsight, packing just one spare tube might have been overly optimistic, but we managed nevertheless.

    Credit Card Bikepacking Tuscany Bags Gravelbike Strade Bianche
    Credit Card Bikepacking Tuscany Bike Gravelbike Strade Bianche

    Is credit card bikepacking adventurous enough?

    Now, the burning question: did credit card bikepacking deliver the same sense of adventure? Initially, we worried that forgoing the experience of pitching a tent at the end of a long ride might dampen the excitement. However, we were pleasantly surprised to find that our journey was filled with enchanting moments. Interactions with local shopkeepers, encounters with animals crossing our path, and the sheer joy of beholding awe-inspiring landscapes all contributed to our sense of adventure. No, we may not have had the same level of independence. The trade-off of enjoying a satisfying meal, a refreshing swim, and a comfortable bed at the end of each day proved to be well worth it.

    Credit Card Bikepacking Tires Gravelbike Strade Bianche Tuscany
    Credit Card Bikepacking Gravelbike Strade Bianche Tuscany Road

    Whether you are a seasoned bikepacker or an adventurous explorer, we wholeheartedly recommend giving credit card bikepacking a try. Bikepacking offers a unique way to experience the world, create lasting memories, and embrace the thrill of the open road, regardless of the form it takes. So, gear up, embark on your own journey, and let the joy of bikepacking ignite your spirit of adventure.

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