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    Swedish Bikepacking Routes – The Blekingeleden

    It was time to discover a different corner of south Sweden, the province of Blekinge. Adventure was calling. Eager to hit the trails we stuffed our gear into our bikepacking bags and loaded our Wahoo's with the gpx-file. Right from the start, we realized this wasn’t going to be a relaxing bikepacking adventure. This was full on adventure cycling. In this first report of our favorite Swedish Bikepacking Routes, we'll tell you about the Blekingeleden. A story about our own experience, with some practical tips and additional information. At the bottom of the page you'll find the route in komoot.

  • The bikepacking and bike touring camping gear of Farawayistan
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    A look at our camping gear

    In this round of ‘A look at our gear’ we’ll guide you through our camping gear. Sheltering and bedding form an importants basis of our complete gear list. The right equipment to shelter from heavy, nightly rain showers and being tucked away warm in a sleeping can enhance the fun of your backcountry adventure. Here’s a look at our camping gear.

  • Overview of our bikepacking tool kit
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    A look at our tool kit

    A well-thought tool kit can be a true life saver. Figuring out what the necessary tools are can be a difficult task. So here’s a detailed overview of the tools that will help solve most of your issues on the fly during your around the world cycling trip or bikepacking adventure in the backcountry.