Our home on Bali

COVID-19 update (we found a home on Bali to stay safe)

    Self-isolate. That’s the new way of life these days. In our last COVID-19 update we told you how we fled from India. Our next move was finding a safe place in case of an outbreak, which according to some is just a matter of time. We are happy to say that we found a home to stay safe on Bali  This is how we are planning to keep safe.

    Can you imagine roaming free, cycling wherever you want. Doing everything in your own pace with no-one telling you what to do? Sounds like a dream right? Well, we were living it. This pretty much was our life for the last eight months. And then all of a sudden it was over.

    #stayhome when you don’t have a home

    And that’s okay. We needed to figure out what #stayhome was going to mean for us not having a home. Going back to the Dutch mayhem didn’t appeal to us. We just had to find a place to live in a country where we’d never before. A little scary, but mostly exciting. We knew that Ubud and Canggu where popular places for digital nomads, so these became our two options.

    Friends of ours were staying in Ubud, so we went here first. And it was love at first sight. We absolutely fell in love with Ubud and it’s very apparent Balinese culture. The architecture, the traditional music, the smiles and the friendliness of the Balinese. It warmed our hearts.

    No Canggu

    We visited Canggu too, but we just never got the same vibe there. If high-end co-working spaces with impeccable design are your thing. Or you love to strut in hip beach clubs and drink cocktails after a day of surfing on perfect waves is in your alley, go to Canggu! We think that we just aren’t that hip any more. Are we getting old?!

    It also feels wrong to sit in a communal working space in these times. Before we had the ability to prepare our own food, we had to go out to eat. You wouldn’t believe how many dirty looks Sabina got when she was coughing because she choked on a delicious Balinese green pancake. It was definitely time to start practice social distancing.

    Our new home

    We wanted a place where we’d be happy to be locked down in and from where we’d be able to work on all the amazing stories and footage from the last eight months. And boy did we find it. We found a home to stay safe on Bali. It’s a gorgeous villa with a loving family. We have a swimming pool, a lush tropical garden and super fast internet. We’re surrounded by rice fields yet close (10 mins cycling) to the supermarket and other necessities. We even get housekeeping every other day.

    The crisis behind COVID-19

    Do we need this luxury? No. Does it do anyone any good? Yes. The pool maintenance guy who just had a baby a few days ago gets to keep this job. The cleaning ladies can continue receiving a pay cheque and so does the gardener.

    We see more people getting in extreme financial trouble than people actually getting sick. This causes a lot of stress which can easily result in mental health disorders. This can have a great effect on the physical health too. So we try to choose wisely where we spend our money. Is it going to those who need it?

    Spend your money wisely

    Another example is the fruits and veggies we get home delivered. The farmers on Bali were preparing for high season, but with the corona crisis restaurants are not buying. A local initiative helps these farmers and buys the produce for fair prices and makes boxes for people to get delivered to their homes. 

    I’m sure there are a lot of local initiatives in your area too. Just ask around. We’d love to hear which ones you are inspired by or involved with in the comments!

    Stay calm

    Also don’t forget to think about mental wellbeing. We found a home to stay safe on Bali where we can practice meditation, exercise (indoors if necessary), try new recipes and allow ourselves to relax without scrolling on social media or reading the news. Instead, check out these awesome video’s we found!

    Stay safe, stay sound. If you want to talk, we are here.

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    3 April 2020 at 09:34

    Great you found this lovely place to stay, enjoy your new home!

    5 April 2020 at 05:55
    – In reply to: Renee

    Thank you Renee

    Monique Mirerreply
    3 April 2020 at 09:44

    Nu heb je je “Hello Fresh” op Bali, wie had dat ooit gedacht.

    3 April 2020 at 15:16

    Het lijkt het paradijs wel. Prachtig daar.

    Ook hier in Nederland, in dit geval Friesland, zulke mooie initiatieven.
    We bestellen levensmiddelen bij de Streekboer, de boeren kunnen zo hun spullen kwijt, en het komt uit de eigen omgeving.

    Een goede tijd daar en hopelijk over een paar maanden weer op de fiets.

    Mark Robinsonreply
    3 April 2020 at 22:43

    Hi. Best of luck in you isolation. My wife and i had been travelling Australia in 4wd mode and were planning to continue in 2020, sell the motorized equipment and then set off around the world cycle touring. Quite rapidly i had to rent a 1 bedroom flat in Brisbane to be near my elderly parents. My wife is now isolated in New Zealand becuase she went back to see her elderly parents and is now in isolation. Plans on hold, money being spent on things that do not satisfy. I wonder when i will be able to cycle with freedom again? Stay safe guys. Kia Kaha.

    5 April 2020 at 05:52
    – In reply to: Mark Robinson

    Hi Mark, thanks for sharing your story. We’re so sorry to hear that the Covid-19 pandemic is having such a big impact on your future plans. Wish you both and your family all the best. Hopefully you’re be able to follow your dreams soon.

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