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Bikepacking and gravel videos – Part IV

    In this fourth part of ‘Bikepacking and gravel videos,’ we present you with five cycling-related films we enjoyed very much lately. From inspiring footage of a bike-and-pack rafting expedition to a powerful message about mental health. From the almost endless gravel roads of the United States to the rugged mountains of Norway. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the adventure.

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    The Kona Sutra: Contrast

    By Kona Bikes

    Some movies make you want to get on your bike and go exploring. The Kona Sutra: Contrast definetly has that effect on us. Romain Barrez of Kona Europe enjoys being creative and taking his Sutra out. He took bikepacking and packrafting to the next level. He strapped a pack raft onto his bike. Paddled from Nice, France, past Entrevaux, and up to Saint Julien du Verdon, passing through old villages and lovely surroundings. This amazing film shows the most breathtaking landscapes, and highlights of his trip.

    Crossing Iceland

    By Payson McElveen

    Iceland is a true bucketlist destination for many cyclists. But something that may be less appealing, is crossing this barren island in one-single go. Payson McElveen devised a strategy to be the very first person to cross Iceland from coast to coast on a bicycle. Including typical Icelandic weather conditions. With the prospect of a winter storm, river crossings through glacier run-offs, and a 4 a.m. start, Payson completed the Iceland crossing in 19 hours 45 minutes.

    10 days bikepacking to the mountains of Norway

    By Backwoods Bikepacking

    In this film, Mikkel Soya Bølstad takes his family on a ten day bikepacking trip in Norway. For them, a summer holidays isn’t complete without a tent and a serious portion of the outdoors. Challenge: they don’t own a car and didn’t want to rely on public transport. So they rode their bikes to the mountains with their dog, avoiding high-traffic roads as much as possible. Things went quite nicely for the first half of the loop, but then luck seemed to run out.

    Gravel – A Love Letter

    By PEARL iZUMi

    The documentary film ‘Gravel – A Love Letter’ captures the essence of gravel cycling by sharing what it means to the riders. Leading characters are three PEARL iZUMi athletes, Hannah Shell, Marley Blonsky, and Angela Naeth. The film delves into the history of gravel racing. And the effect it has on the towns and the inhabitants along the routes. 

    Grateful | Alec Suriyuth

    By Yama Folk

    The film Grateful, created by Yama Folk and starring mountain cyclist and photographer Alec Suriyuth, focusses on mental health and the value of the simple things in life. Friendship, riding singletrails and photography have given Alec a renewed respect for the natural world. The film is not just about the powerful message. Also, the footage of British Columbia makes you want to visit this stunning place!

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