Bikepacking in Sweden trails Skåneleden

Bikepacking videos – Part III

    It’s getting chilly outside. Winter is rapidly approaching, we already went past the end of daylight saving last weekend. While some of you may be diehard bikepackers who prepare to go out in the snow and frigid temps, this may be the off-season for others.

    Wintertime, though, means relaxing with a hot chocolate in front of the fireplace, regardless of what type of rider you are. And what could be a greater complement than a few motivational bikepacking videos? So here you are, relax and take it all in.

    Matty & Clare – Lost Captures

    By Bombtrack Bicycle Co

    Matty and Clare’s Lost Captures is certainly one of the most beautiful bikepacking movies. Norway’s stunning nature, with its rocky mountains, raging waterfalls, and beautiful fjords, isn’t the only draw. I t’s the personal touch of following Matty’s Grandfather’s footsteps on a bike touring trip through Scandinavia in the 1950s. Matty and Clare retrace Grandfather Bob’s wonderful voyage with the help of an old photo album.

    Rapha Gone Racing – Alaska Pipeline FKT

    By Rapha

    Lael Wilcox is known for her spectacular adventures. In this short film by  Rapha you follow her time trailing her way across the Alaskan tundra along the historic oil pipeline from Deadhorse to Valdez. Despite her best efforts to be as quick as possible, she prioritizes having fun. The film looks into the ins and outs of bikepacking, such as closed roads, where (not) to pitch your tent, and where to buy food. All of this performed with a constant beautiful smile on her face.

    Gaëlle on Tour: Whiteout

    By Bombtrack Bicycle Co

    There are few places in the world that seem more ‘wintery’ than Russia’s Siberia. Gaëlle Bojko set off on a month-long bike expedition over a frozen Lake Baikal, the world’s largest freshwater lake. Temperatures as low as – 20° Celsius are common in northern Siberia, just north of Mongolia. The pictures of the frozen lake’s pattern are stunning.


    Rapha Gone Racing – The Alt Tour

    By Rapha

    We follow Australian pro-cyclist Lachlan Morton during his battle of beating the peloton to Paris during the Tour de France in Rapha’s latest film. Lachlan is also riding the transfer stages, as if the challenge wasn’t wild enough. The Alt Tour. Without teammates, rest days, a mechanic, or a cook, he covered a total distance of 5,500 kilometers and gained almost 65,000 meters of elevation. But who needs a cook when you can have chocolate milk, beer, and soda all at the same time?

    Montanus – Second Wind

    By Montanus

    Montanus’ blogs, pictures, and films never fail to wow. Second Wind, their most recent bikepacking video, is no exception. After the lockdown measurements were lifted, the duo returned to the Italian Apennines Mountains. The video’s slow pace, along with the magnificent cinematography and soothing music, creates an almost meditative experience. It surely makes you want to travel to the Apennines someday.

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