• Checking the 3T Exploro at Bienvelo bakeshop in Malmö

    Gravel racers

    All cyclist know, that nothing beats #newbikeday. You could combine all the wonderful gifts on Christmas and your birthday and it wouldn’t even come close to the feeling of cycling on a fresh new rig. So you can imagine how thrilled we were when DHL had a very special delivery for us. Coming all the way from Bergamo, Italy. After dragging our heavy loaded steel touring bikes over the roughest roads and toughest single trails, we wanted something completely different. Gravel is the way we roll these days, and we absolutely enjoy picking up some speed. A quick and light ride had been on our wishlist for a long time,…

  • The broken gear list
    Gear,  Travel tips

    The broken gear list

    If you ain’t got much, you make sure that what you’ve got matters. We put a lot of thought in what items we brought on our bicycle tour and these are the ones that unfortunately didn’t completely survive. Here’s the full list of stuff that (we) broke.

  • The bikepacking and bike touring camping gear of Farawayistan
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    A look at our camping gear

    In this round of ‘A look at our gear’ we’ll guide you through our camping gear. Sheltering and bedding form an importants basis of our complete gear list. The right equipment to shelter from heavy, nightly rain showers and being tucked away warm in a sleeping can enhance the fun of your backcountry adventure. Here’s a look at our camping gear.

  • Overview of our bikepacking tool kit
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    A look at our tool kit

    A well-thought tool kit can be a true life saver. Figuring out what the necessary tools are can be a difficult task. So here’s a detailed overview of the tools that will help solve most of your issues on the fly during your around the world cycling trip or bikepacking adventure in the backcountry. 

  • Electronics, gadgets and camera's to bring on a world bicycle tour

    A look at our gadgets

    The heaviest bag we drag around on our bicycles is probably the bag with electronics. We love to take and edit photos, write and share stories, listen to music whilst cycling long stretches and of course navigate our way towards Japan. For all of these activities these are the accessories we use and love.

  • Clothing for bikepacking

    A look into our wardrobe

    How do you fit an entire four season wardrobe on a bike? We’ll show you how in this overview of all of our clothing. Take a look in our panniers and see how we dress. Merino is pretty much the answer to all of our problems. It doesn’t smell because of its antibacterial properties, it’s lightweight, it keeps us warm, it’s breathable so we don’t get clammy. And thanks to our favorite merino brand Icebreaker it’s also natural and sustainable. This is our full wardrobe, it ain’t much but it sure is good. Robin off the bike T-shirt 2 Icebreaker tech-lite short sleeve crewe Long sleeve DHB merino base layer…

  • Farawayistan bicycle Avaghon X29 green and Avaghon S28 black

    The bikes are here!

    We finally bought the bikes! We’ve done hours of research, and had countless moments of discussing what bike will be best for our upcoming adventure. And we ended up with something completely different than we expected.